Nursery Nightmare?

Creepy Humpty has been tending bar at our house for over a decade! He moved out today.
Creepy Humpty has been tending bar at our house for over a decade! He moved out today.

When we bought Humpty at an auction in the early 2000s, we thought he was a great conversation piece and would add interest to our home. Creepy-cute. A throw-back to how creepy all of our childhood memorabilia is (though this pre-dates even an old fossil like myself--this would have been 1930s/40s). He really doesn't fit our aesthetic though. We're both hippies (honestly, I would call hubs a yuppie with hippie flashbacks! lol) so this doesn't vibe well with that. Now our basement, thus the bar area where Humpty lived and worked since he moved in with us, is in the theme of sunflowers --and with no nursery room horrors to be found! We have a full, finished basement that walks out into our patio & backyard, which is also sunflower themed. Anyway, Humpty found a new home today and I was actually sadder about it than I anticipated. (My daughter, who now lives in California is quite happy he's gone because he terrified her and her teen friends back in the day! haha) I must have waxed nostalgic quite a bit, because the new owner, as he was packing Humpty into his trunk, assured me that Humpty would be well taken care of. ♥

Not even sure how to organize this post. In some ways, there is a lot going on over here in my little corner of the world. In other ways, life is extremely slow. It's a crazy juxtaposition that I think is pandemic-related, but also just how I am reacting to stimuli. Not sure how I lasted as long as I did with the schedule I kept while fighting lupus (I worked two jobs and/or overtime until 2014. By 2016, I wasn't effectively able to work even one full time job.) but I think it's catching up to me now. ♥

I worked at the law office today. It was super busy--clients, filings, lengthy documents, research, so I didn't have many moments to use my eye drops like I should. My eyes are FRIED. They're red, ugly, and quite grumpy with me today. And, I have to work again tomorrow. I rested them for a while when I got home, but I think I plan on early bed tonight, so my eyes will last a full day tomorrow.

One of my bestie's parents have been struggling and her dad also now has COVID symptoms and has been tested (awaiting results). I love these folks so much--they have always treated me more like parents than my own parents were capable of (don't feel too sorry for me--I had an AMAZING set of grandparents (my earth angels!!) so even though my home life was terrible, I had a place of solace to go to, and two parental figures who loved me unconditionally and always let me know how much I was loved and they helped me in every way possible, even into adulthood), and I think they instinctively knew that, so have always been like my surrogate parents. They are in their mid-70s and my bestie's mom also has a broken foot. I asked bestie if I could take some food to them because I can't even imagine both of them laid up and alone. Bestie is also in quarantine because one of her co-workers tested positive for COVID. She was planning to help her mom with the broken foot when all the pandemic crap reared its ugly head, so now bestie is in quarantine in Champaign-Urbana while her parents are closer to where I live. I would do anything for her or her parents!

Another of my besties was hospitalized for non-COVID related symptoms earlier this week. She's home now, but tired and achy. And, yet another bestie (who is 92) fell yesterday and refused to go to the hospital so is now nursing a bum wrist.

It has not been a good time for the people I love most in this life. Be safe and be well out there, okay? It's a cruel world right now, and it's up to us to make the most out of the scraps we've been given. Let's make some delicious lemonade out of all these lemons, shall we?


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