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This sweet baby posed for me long enough to fumble around in my purse to grab my phone. ♥
This sweet baby posed for me long enough to fumble around in my purse to grab my phone. ♥

Nature continues to spoil me with beauty. This bunny was right along the property line between our lot and our neighbor's. I don't know if it is because I am more in tune with nature right now (hey--could it be one positive outcome of the pandemic?) or if for some crazy reason, wildlife is tuning into me more, but I am continuously amazed by the abundance of wildlife I've been able to capture the past couple of weeks.

Making Asian inspired peanut cucumber noodles tonight for dinner-possibly with shrimp, but maybe just vegetarian. Healthy AND delicious!

I signed up for Amazon Prime, and sadly the order I was most excited about got lost in the mail. Today I ordered more stuff. I really need to stop! Though two of the things I needed, but the 3rd item? Not so much. Bought a doumbek (goblet or tabla style drum used in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries). I have a djembe (which I LOVE) that is too big to lug around, and doumbeks would add an interesting sound to drum circles (I hope) because they are easy to tune and I bought a small drum to make it easier on me to transport. I also play zils (hand cymbals like the castallanetas (castanets) used in flamenco dance) and my goal is to get proficient with the beats/counts so if I ever have to step back from dance, I can still participate with rhythm. The drum is gorgeous--red & silvery white. Red is my color. The sound is usually higher because the "skin" is smaller and tighter, but I think it will complement the large djembe rather well. I also have a beautiful tambourine, but I need to clean up the jangles because the tone is super flat right now. I found it at an antique store and it has this gorgeous inlay--I bought it when I was attending drum circles a couple times a month because it was so much easier to transport than the djembe, so I either used my hand drum or the tambourine if my back was out. It's so pretty, I actually use it as decor in my studio, along with a Native American wooden reed flute my friend Paul made for me years ago and a hand drum (with a Remo "skin"...my djembe is also Remo. I LOVE it because real skins shrink and swell with humidity and temperature, but you get a really consistent sound with the Remo synthetic technology.) I love the lower tones, so I have my djembe strung pretty loose, which is why I've been holding off on a doumbek because its tone is so much higher, but...I feel like learning Middle Eastern rhythms where they belong-- on a doumbek can only help me with my dancing and also with my percussion skills just in case I need to take another hiatus from dance in the future. Here's the pretty little drum I ordered: 


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