First Meme

Been to an NFL game? Yes (at Soldier Field)
Been to Canada? Yes
Visited Florida? Visited AND lived in FL
Visited Mexico? Yes
Visited Vegas? Yes
Eaten alone at a restaurant? Yes
Ability to read music? Yes
Rode a motorcycle? Yes
Ridden a horse? Yes
Stayed in a hospital? Yes
Donated blood? Yes, but I am no longer allowed to because of lupus
Been snow skiing? Yes
Been to Disney World or Disney Land? Disney World-yes (Disney Land-nope)
Slept outside? Yes
Driven a stick shift? Yes (grew up in the middle of a cornfield...all our tractors had gears and clutches)
Ridden in an 18 wheeler? No
Driven a boat? Yes
Eaten Escargot? Yes
Been on a cruise? No (it's on my bucket list whenever the world becomes less crazy)
Run out of gas? Yes, but it's been 30+ years...I'll chalk it up to being a stupid, penniless teenager!
Been on TV? Yes
Eaten Sushi? Yes


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