Leveling Up During Anxious Times

Had a birthday and we went out with friends. On Wednesday we went to a quaint little place that feels like you're eating at Grandma's house--the interior decor is early 20th century farmhouse. We went with 3 other couples and had our own private room...after a table of 3 left, we had the entire restaurant to ourselves. We had a wonderful time and it felt 'normal' for once. (I was also spoiled with gifts.) After such a positive experience, I accepted my friend's invitation to go swimming at the marina on Thursday, thinking there would only be a handful of people there. It was crowded! I wasn't expecting that, and it made me more uncomfortable than I thought it would. We had a lot of fun though! Just not sure I'll be doing that again any time soon. We then accepted an invitation to go to the races Saturday night. Wall-to-wall people, none of them wearing masks (I only wore a bandanna instead of a filtered mask, so really I can't say much), and one hacking up a lung next to my husband. I feel a wee bit better only because we were outside the entire time. Now one of my husband's clients has the virus and although I haven't come into contact with this particular client in over a month, I did work at hubs's office last week and he has had brief contact with his client who was in jail at the time, so he thinks he's okay because they had to talk through glass (but he was at the prison where there is a current outbreak). I don't think I'll be accepting many more invitations for a while. 

A bird in hand
A bird in hand

Rescued a baby bird from our kitten last week, too! Poor little thing must have been traumatized because it sat on my hand like this for well over a minute. Hubs and I began to talk about next steps if the bird was injured and couldn't fly...then suddenly, the bird took a shit in my hand and flew off! haha 

I haven't posted recently because I don't have a great deal to report. My back is still not back to normal, but I did get a cupping massage last week after a chiropractor appointment and it made my back spasm a little less. Needless to say, my dancing, yoga and walking routines are practically non-existent at this moment.


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