Back to Black

Almost picked Back In Black by AC/DC, but I actually like Amy's song better. And, it's another double entendre. My back is O-U-T, big time out. I'm quite miserable. No walking, dancing or anything remotely physical at the moment. I have cleaning out my fridge over the weekend to thank for this. Buh. In all fairness, the refrigerator was way overdue for a good scrub down, but not worth it if it's going to kill me softly.

I did manage to write a letter to a pen pal and got it out in the mail today. We dined inside of a restaurant for the first time in four months Friday night. Our friends were in town from Ohio (he's originally from Peoria and was in a rock band with hubs back in the day). We all wore masks in (obviously we took them off to eat), but I was shocked how many people came in without masks. It's not like the entire planet is in the middle of a highly contagious pandemic, or something...

I ordered some masks from a goth shop and they arrived on Saturday. I ordered the "mystery bag" because I figured I'd get one plain mask for hubs. I did! It's plain black, and it's way more comfortable than the extra we had that is too small for him. I figured I'd get a super adorable one with some sort of skull decor. I did! It's skulls and pink roses on a white background. Now I have two masks I can use regularly. The 3rd mask I figured would be one I would not be excited about. Bingo! However, I promised myself I would use it as a performance mask if I did get it. Guess the universe wants me to perform. I do have some dance pieces in mind with it, but I already have poetry that would work perfectly--it's a flesh colored mask with faux leather straps. It's a bondage face mask. That said, I have so many poems already written that are all about giving a voice to the voiceless (in particular childhood abuse, but also about the child sex slave trade.). So, I envision myself playing music (I want to use Fee Fi Fo by The Cranberries), using cardboard or paper with lines of poetry, and wearing the mask while remaining silent to illustrate being voiceless. Definitely the artsiest performance poetry piece I've imagined to-date.

And because I want to hear it again, I'll leave you with The Cranberries. Have a good week! ♥


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