Serenity - In Progress

I'm such a nerd because I love double entendres. I am in the process of discovering serenity, but I am also in the process of learning choreography to the Godsmack song. It just happens to be my favorite Godsmack song, so this has been a ton of fun so far!

I was fortunate to catch Godsmack live in 2006 before they headlined their own shows. They opened for Metallica, and I honestly have to say that I enjoyed Godsmack more that day. Metallica looked tired and like they were barely tolerating each other, and that was *after* Jason Newsted left the band, so they should have been fresh.

I have a lot to do this month. I decided to make a Vision Board and display it over my treadmill. I'd like to nail down choreo for Serenity and jump back into the Shimmy Mob choreo (which I don't know by heart yet). I'd like to be performance-ready for both of those by month's end.

I have many, many miles to walk this month as well. And a set of cross-stitch Christmas ornaments to finish.

I'm doing a 30-day yoga thing to hopefully alleviate some stiffness, as well. I'm using it as a cool down from walking. I'm so much better with my yoga practice when I'm on a solid running or walking kick.

And, I might be sick of poetry by the end of the month. My biggest goal for July is to get my chap book completed and at least uploaded for self-publication. Pretty sure I'll be ready to write some fiction after that!

Happy Independence Day weekend to my fellow Americans. Be safe out there! Our puppy boys got doggie Xanex from the vet because Reno, in particular, does not handle fireworks very well. Poor little dudes. So far the kitten seems unfazed, but the neighbors two doors down haven't gone completely nuts with the noise-making yet. We were invited to a 4th of July party at the marina, but I'm going to pass. The large crowd thing still makes me nervous.

I worked at the law office a couple of days this week. It's nice to make a little extra spending cash. I will be spending it on a pair of navy blue hiking boots (I've been searching for them for a couple of years with no luck, so as much as I hate to do this, I found the ones I want online). I also ordered some new face masks. I ordered a set of 3 that will come in a "mystery bag" so I have no idea what I'll be getting, but I ordered them through a goth boutique, so they should be fun! It'll feel like Christmas when I receive the package.


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