My July: Why Not?

Because I don't have enough goals already in progress, like getting up to speed for the dark fusion belly dance, rehearsing some choreography that my Shimmy Mob group & I will be performing in September, abstaining from alcohol, eating clean, and continuing to walk my ViRALL miles, I officially threw my hat in for Camp NaNoWriMo, too. For those of you unfamiliar with the NaNoWriMo events, this is a spin-off from their major novel writing month in November where participants vow to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Camp NaNo is a looser format, where you can choose writing or editing, and you can set your own goal. I'm vowing to edit my poetry chap book in July (I'm actually hoping to complete it by my birthday, which is the 22nd). Historically, I am more engaged in November, but since my energy is beginning to return, I have high hopes for July Camp.

July will begin with me filling in for the secretary at my husband's office for two days. Friday is a national holiday here in the States--July 4th is our Independence Day, so I'm working tomorrow & Thursday.

In other news, I grew my hair out & let it go natural during the early months of the pandemic. It was a crazy shade of salt & pepper graduating to fading blue at the ends (and one stubborn streak of purple that seems to resist the blue dye). I did this somewhat on purpose--as I wanted my hair to get as light as possible so I could try a lighter shade of blue, which I did last night. Foiled again. (Not a pun...I don't even know how to do the foil technique for highlights, though it would have been a great idea...) It's now a dark navy blue, just the same as always! I do look less exhausted when my hair isn't gray, but I was hoping for lighter colored hair. Ah well. Our hair stylists were allowed to open again in Illinois, so I'll make an appointment soon-ish. Maybe she can help!

The CPAP is...not quite what I expected. There are pros and cons to it...the cons first. My face now has dry patches where the mask fits and even though I have a humidifier, my allergies and sinus woes have kicked into high gear. There is really only one pro so far, but it is a big plus, and makes the mask worth it... MORE ENERGY!!!

Pink Darth Vader.
Pink Darth Vader.

The CPAP is not a comfortable thing, so I feel like I wake up more, but my energy levels have me believing otherwise. I guess this means I'm looking like a feminine Darth Vader at night from here on out. The force is with me.

What is going on in your neck of the woods? I'm still working on artsy-crafty stuff, too, in addition to the walking, dancing, yoga, reading, etc. We'll see if my energy levels are sustaining after working two full days--that will be the litmus test on whether or not the CPAP is worth it.

Also, I just realized that my whole post is basically me whining about getting old. CPAP. Gray hair. Lack of energy. *giggles* I have always admired people who age gracefully. I could be handling the aging process with more grace than I'm exhibiting so far. This whole idea of embracing life at all stages is a lesson I still need to learn.


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