Going Stygian


I'm officially part of the Stygian Collective now, so I will be a full-on dark fusion belly dancer. Can't wait to really get started! This will also afford me performance opportunities, but I need to get my dancing muscles back fully before I commit to doing any stage work. I'm out of practice, and if you don't use it, you do lose it.

I'm doing a 30-day cleanse sort of a thing, too. No alcohol, and limiting processed foods as much as possible. Drinking a lot of water, green tea & juice. Eating a lot of fresh fruits & veggies. It's not so much for weight loss (though I wouldn't be sad if it worked that way) as it is for feeling better. 

I'm also the new owner of a C-PAP machine. I'm sleeping like garbage so far, because it isn't the most comfortable, but I do like the white noise aspect of it. I also need to use the humidifier--I already have severe dry mouth & eyes, and the air flowing through the tube is enough to make it painful. 

Haven't been walking as much as I should, so I need to get back on top of that. I have had 3 days with pukey migraines this week (hence the C-PAP and cleansing) and I feel like I was hit by a train, so things are coming together much too slowly for me right now. I've been creative though, so that's a plus. Working on cross-stitch Christmas ornaments right now. I also finished reading a mediocre book (review forthcoming).

Things are opening back up in Illinois. In fact, today we begin Phase 4 Reopening, so restaurants, museums, cinemas, etc. are open again with limited capacity. Of course hubs wants to go out. TODAY. I'm content to stay home for a while longer with the nationwide spikes in COVID cases and actually feel like I'm going out too much the past couple of weeks because I did some witness prep training and have had some outdoor parties with family and friends.


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