Dull Girl

All work and no play makes Cherry a dull girl, or so the story goes. All it means for this blog, is that I don't have anything super interesting to post, but I have been busy and my time is passing by quickly.

I've been more social this past week since things are opening up again in Illinois, however, I did way too much last week. Out of the past seven days, I've had activities (social & outside, but still...social) five of those days. Despite my fears of the pandemic biting us on the ass (my husband and I are both high risk), I'm more wiped out in general from being so busy, and maybe that is amplified by my fears? I'm scaling back this week, because I HAVE to. Yeah, it was great being able to meet friends and family in small quantities out in public again, but I'm beat. As in, I've been sleeping way more than a human should because I'm that wiped out by being busy. And, I think I was kinda happy in that pandemic cocoon. Which probably means that I'm more of an introvert than I expected (I always peg myself as an ambivert, because I do crave socialization, I have been an effective leader, and social activity does build me up and keep my energy levels high...until a point. When I cross that line, I need to withdraw into myself to recharge my batteries. Seems that the pandemic is telling me I've been relying and operating on my reserves more than I thought...)

I did formally retire from droning, much to my husband's dismay. The only thing I will miss is teaching kids (especially the girls) how to drone, but I'm still on board for learning to code more and share my love of science and tech. But, I'm also still happy to help my husband in his legal practice. So, I have done some witness prep training (my specialty in our consulting business...my background is in human resources, and I was a head hunter for Caterpillar, Inc., so my biggest role was recruiting, interviewing and preparing our best applicants for placement at Cat.). 

My body is spent. SPENT. I did not walk except for one day last week. I needed some time to heal, as the stress of telling hubs I was done with droning (he doesn't want to give it up--yet he can't tell the difference between email, text and Facebook post.......) so he bought a new drone (I'm sticking to my heart and refusing to help him---which is what I told him BEFORE he bought this drone, but I also told him that before I got sucked into the drone business and him buying our first drone in 2015. And, as I suspected, I was the one with the tech skills, so I was the one who passed the FAA 107 exam, I'm the one who could troubleshoot the issues and fix the drone when it failed, etc.)  when everything fell on my shoulders and I hated it. Not the technology so much as the huge responsibility--people can get seriously hurt when the operator is inexperienced...or even as I saw three weeks ago, even with five years experience--when the drone goes AWOL with a flyaway when you are near GAS TANKS. I gave it five years and as far as I'm concerned, it wasn't a waste of time, but a valuable life lesson to me--that I should always follow my heart.) and the busyness of the past 10 days or so has my legs totally effed up. They are a little better today, so I hope to get a couple of 1-milers in.

I did have fun last week. I can't deny that...it's just how much it wiped me out. I wasn't expecting that. But, we got to celebrate birthdays for my brother-in-law and one of my sisters-in-law with the family. I did get to video chat with my daughter in Cali, even though she's back to work. We went to a solstice party which was a beautiful event, and we got to see a few friends we haven't seen since the holidays. We also saw the elderly friends we are very close to at a backyard barbecue. 

We are in a new week now. I've been working on the cross-stitch ornaments and having fun with that. I'm breaking out my keyboard to learn a few tunes. (I've been tickling those keys since I was 12, so I can hold my own, even though I only had a couple of years of lessons.) I think I want to learn guitar, too. I can sing (not super well) and I love impromptu music events. My voice is better than Bob Dylan's (I think most people can prolly sing better than he can, but he is BRILLIANT with his compositions!!), and I write poetry--have even set some of my poetry to music before. I'm hoping to maybe do that again. I don't have the voice, but I do have the words. I used to have the music and the rhythm and maybe I could turn some poetry into song again. That's sort of a pipe dream, but it isn't out of the realm of possibility. I've always wanted to release my poetry chapbooks with music set to the cornerstone poem. With me having a huge hand in how the song is released--not me singing, and not even necessarily being a part of the band. But, me writing the basic melodies to go with the lyrics. I don't know how real that dream is for me, but I've done it before and I still have a mad love for all things music and creative, so maybe? In fact, I imagine the cornerstone poem from the chap book I'm writing to be industrial/indie. I wrote it in the mid-1980s, so I think I've always imagined Mephisto Walz singing the words...I'll close with Mephisto Walz, as they are kind of a cult thing, so most people have either forgotten them, or never knew them to begin with.


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