More #FoundPoetry

Skipping the found poems that I'm not vibing with, but some more cool found poetry from the NaNoWriMo project. A big day tomorrow of travel and doctor appointments and hopefully more writing and wordsmithing. Last visit with the first rheumatologist who LISTENS to what I'm dealing with on the lupus and Sjogren's front. She is moving away, and I will have a very hard time finding a doctor who can fill her shoes. I travel 90 miles to see her, and hope that her entire team is as good as she is.


fantastical element

views from the bluff

fairy rings hard to see

leaf coverage

I believe in fairies

worlds intersect

elemental magic world

shocked adults


the language of wind

not words you understand, but feel

laughing, the wind says

"come out to play"

woodland floor is a carpet of leaves


teases me until the moon lights

the way home


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