Mantra of the Day

Radiate positivity; eliminate negativity.

I sometimes shake it up with: Radiate positivity; eradicate negativity.

I work best to music, but my brain is still so scattered, I can't decide what my vibe is right now. So far this today I've listened to metal, EDM, indie, psych, blues and southern rock. Now listening to Junior Boys--a flashback to another time and place when I was still running and healthy enough to run a writers' group and also to write prolifically. Now I'm arting prolifically, but I've also been writing, so it's just a matter of time before the writing muses take over my life. (And, I will gladly let them.)

My entire post today seems to be rhyme play. If that isn't a message from the muses, I don't know what is. I think I need to go write a poem, even if it sucks. I may alliterate, but most importantly, I will radiate the love and eliminate the negatives, so as to negate anything untoward in my lifeline. If the poetry doesn't suck, I might be back today...I really intended my LiveJournal to be heavy on found poetry, but seems I have a need to write real-world stuff right now. I don't think I'm alone, as the world is still on fire and I think every corner, crook and cranny of the globe is battling so much negativity right now. Usually this is when I turn inward and write a lot in metaphor to soothe my soul. Not sure why I need to be so grounded right now, but I'm not complaining because it's good to get all of this out into the universe. I've been trying to keep up with morning pages (a la The Artist's Way which I love so much, I've actually taught workshops based on her concepts since the early 2000s) because if I write in the morning, I tend to be more productive overall, and things fall into place much more easily.


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