Well, at least it's usable

So, my studio isn't quite the inspirational space I intended it to be, but I CAN use it as a studio now! Hooray!

Clearly, I have another day before it's even close to inspirational, but YAY! I do have an actual studio I can use again. Inspiration will happen, but for now, I can live with being able to use my table again and walk through the room. I'll keep working on the room, and I do intend on using that table as my workspace.

I've honestly had the most productive day in the last year or so. I have also finished the blue morpho butterfly cross stitch, but I'm not sure if it will be part of a journal cover, or if it will go into a tiny frame to hang, instead. Knowing my senior, I think she'd prefer wall decor, even though it's tiny--her bedroom is done in butterflies, so maybe this can go over her light switch?


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