No Kittens Today

Little Miss Shale is not an "it" kitty yet, so they weren't ready today. Hopefully tomorrow, but I'm busy until about 1:30, so it won't be until mid-afternoon when I finally get to bring them home. I went shopping for kitten stuff today to cheer myself up.

Since I have no kitten photos, I'll share a couple of the wreath I got for Clara. I added the cardinal to the wreath and I chose this one because she can even use it through Christmas if she wants to.

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Slate & Shale

I think that's what we're going to name the kittens (the boy would be Slate and the girl Shale). The names aren't set in stone (pun somewhat intended) as we'd like to confirm that their personalities match the names, but it's looking like those are the names. I'll pick them up tomorrow morning after dance class. ♥ Squee!

I *think* this bodes well for energy levels-I have a busy week this week. Dance tomorrow & Thursday. Pick up the new babies. Get kitten supplies. Walk with my friend Kyle and his boyfriend on Wednesday. Meeting with hubs's insurance agent on Wednesday, as well, and hopefully I'll be able to enroll in the Silver Sneakers program, or whatever fitness program they offer to younger, gimpy folks like me.

We unloaded and stacked half of a cord of wood today. I switched out my spring/summer wardrobe for my fall/winter one. The nights have been cooler for a couple of weeks now and the days are starting to cool down, too. Welcome to autumn!

Tonight I'll be shopping for a remembrance wreath for Clara. I'm hitting up Hobby Lobby and Jeffrey Alan's. It's possible I could end up making one, but I'm hoping to find one already made.

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So. Much. News.

It was a tough week. A lot of time with family--Doc's family, but we are fully accepted by everyone as pseudo-family and some very awkward questions about hubs and how he's related to/affiliated with Doc because he looks like Doc quite a bit, and both Doc and hubs's mom always admired each other and were friends. So--I had a couple of awkward questions! (No, I don't believe that hubs is actually Doc's son, but Lena (my mother-in-law) really did admire Doc and Doc always called her a "beautiful saint" — which is exactly what she was — but there is nothing to suggest they ever had an affair.) But, Doc's send-off was beautiful. No gravesite services, so they did his military honors (WW2) outside of the funeral home. I don't know what it is about the 21-gun-salute that drives me to "tears" (I can no longer produce tears, so my eyes just get super angry and red) but I was okay through his funeral until they gave Clara the flag and she said, so very proper and Clara-like, "Thank you, honey." and then the military honors. Clara being just so very much herself is when I disintegrated. During my grandpa's funeral in 2002, I was the same. I even wrote a poem for Grandpa and did his eulogy--I almost broke during that, and I remember afterwards, thinking I was so glad I didn't melt. Well, the melting came during the 21-gun-salute.

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Funerals, Birthdays & Rainbows

This is Cathy's photo from her own birthday party on Friday. She had a wonderful time-about 20 people came and it was a great evening. Just so happens, Hubs & I are in this particular shot and also her sister, Melissa. Hubs is flirting with Linda, who we met last summer. Cathy (and also Harry-her hubby) is VERY social so her social circle and our social circle have blended over the years. Cathy is doing well, but her energy levels have dropped a ton, too, with all the chemo treatments. She also did a bit too much and fell down her steps a week or so ago, so hurt her leg again. Outside of that, she's doing well. ♥

Doc's visitation was this afternoon. He looked so good-peaceful, and young. Clara also got her hair done and she's doing well, considering. I think we'll be going out to her place either Wednesday or Thursday this week with the Peacocks. We plan to give Clara a memory wreath at that time, as we didn't get flowers for the visitation/funeral, wanting to concentrate on her, instead. His funeral is tomorrow. Like I said, he's been a strong dad figure in our lives, so we will definitely be attending that, as well. This obit talks more about his interesting life, so if you want to get to know how very cool Doc was, you can get the Sparks Notes version here:

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What's Up, Doc?

I have much better photos of Doc, but I chose this one because here he is, 92 years old, and way more tech savvy than Hubs can ever hope to be. Not only has Doc crossed over, but so did the restaurant, our favorite--a victim of both Covid & our friend who owned it getting Parkinson's. My heart is absolutely shattered for Clara and their great-granddaughter, Arionna & the entire family.
I have much better photos of Doc, but I chose this one because here he is, 92 years old, and way more tech savvy than Hubs can ever hope to be. Not only has Doc crossed over, but so did the restaurant, our favorite--a victim of both Covid & our friend who owned it getting Parkinson's. My heart is absolutely shattered for Clara and their great-granddaughter, Arionna & the entire family.

Lighting a candle today for Doc, who passed away yesterday evening. Hubs was there to be with Clara. Although it was expected and Doc would have been 94 in another 2 months, thus lived an awesome and long life, I'm still heartbroken. For me, for hubs, for Clara, for all who knew Doc and had their lives touched by him (which is a LOT because he practiced medicine in Peoria from the early 1950s through the mid/late 2010s. He was also an Army medic in WW2.) I met Doc in the mid 1990s when hubs and I were "just friends" and he was the coolest 70 year old I'd ever met. Double pierced earring and quite young for his age--he embraced the hippie mentality, even though he was a bit older than most of the hippie generation. He led an interesting life. Took his young family out to sea for a few months in the early 1960s. Traveled the world. Had a deep Native American connection. Very spiritual. A little bit religious, but a lot open-minded. An all around great friend and at times, co-conspirator. We were blessed to have traveled with him and Clara while they were both still able to travel. He wanted so badly to go to Florida with us earlier this year and we nearly considered it, but since we were going to be looking for properties and not doing touristy things, we talked him out of it.

Rest easy, Doc. We will always love you. ♥

Magic Carpet Ride

Never did I ever think a YouTube tutorial on cleaning, tightening & lubricating the belt of my treadmill would make it work again. It did! (Knock wood. I'm still doubting that it's a long term fix, but I'm so very hopeful!) I'm back to treading the mill fantastic! Hooray! We were actually to the point of researching new treadmills and I truthfully thought that I was going to go through the motions of cleaning/lubricating/tightening everything and then we'd see it didn't work and we'd have to put the treadmill out by the curb. When I got this particular magic carpet 14 years ago, I was still running, so I utilized all of the pre-programmed workouts as well as creating my own. I don't need anything so fancy now that I'm not running anymore, so the only bell & whistle feature I need is incline so I can keep up with hill workouts even when the weather is too inclement to go outdoors. But, as long as this one holds out, I will keep it. A lot of good miles have been run on this one, and it's sort of the last vestiges of running days I possess (I still have my lucky running leggings, which were called "tights" in the early 90s. Only races I ever placed in outside of high school cross country, I was wearing those leggings! And by races I placed in, I mean two, so barely plural, but still exciting for me at the time. By the late 90s, I was starting to feel the effects of autoimmune, and got slower instead of faster, despite running every day.)

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Dance Like Nobody's Watching

Keeping up with dance lessons, if nothing else. I've even been practicing at home when I have some spare pockets of energy! Both belly dance and line dance. Shocker: I don't completely suck. I'm not a good dancer (yet), but I am catching on, and that's more than I ever thought possible. Still don't like country music very much, but the dances are a lot of fun, and I focus on the moves, not the music. ha

Hubs and I are talking about beginning ballroom/salsa dance lessons in mid-October. I'll keep you posted there, but he seems really interested and after his stroke, I think things like dance will help him with memory, etc. Not to mention, what a sweet thing for a married couple to do together. ♥

I've been making recipes from my low carb cookbook, and they have been delicious! I didn't think Peanut Butter Stew sounded very good, but I was very wrong. It was AMAZING. I made it too spicy for my wimpy taste buds, so I'll add less chipotle in adobo sauce next time, but there will definitely be a next time.

Things are progressing on the new back deck. We're ordering sliding doors for the dining room this week and the work will begin around the holidays.

Next Saturday we'll be going to the Quad Cities (Illinois/Iowa border) with our good friends to see Disenchanted at Circa 21.

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Sunshine Super(wo)man

I was going to call this Crawling Back to Life, but this is my favorite Donovan song, and I JUST SAW the ROLLING STONES live!!! So, my brain is in this era of music at the moment.

So. I have an answer as to why I felt so very low in energy and life, and it's not a completely terrible thing but not good, either. My Vitamin D levels were nearly non-existent. As a matter of fact, I was at 3. Should be at a minimum of 20. To be honest, my brain has been pretty murky this entire time, but at least I know why. I'm up to a whole whopping 7 now. Still VERY LOW, but I'm feeling a bit more alive and I'm on an intensive Vitamin D therapy now. Still oral vitamins--but if I can't get above 15 before my next visit (I believe Dec 2nd), I'll get the injection.

I've been struggling mightily since my birthday in late July, but I've still been trying to human here and there. So, this post is only to get you up to speed on those things--I'll save the rest for other posts.

I've been attending line dancing classes whenever I can. I've actually got a couple of the dances completely down. It's been so much fun! I'm in class at least until October 21st. On the topic of dance--I met one of my Stygian Kitten Sisters (metal/dark fusion belly dance)! It was at my friend Gambit's magic show last week and was totally by accident. On the topic of fitness--I'm about to sign up for a gym membership where they offer DANCE CLASSES. No indoor pool, but they have an outdoor one in the warmer months.

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Not Bouncing Back

Not bouncing back from the plague like I thought. I'm back to dance class, but needed a 2 hour nap afterwards today. (Good to note though--I'm starting to catch on to some of the dances!) My neck is still a tiny bit swollen, though not as bad as it was in my last photo here with Bestie Joye & Bestie Nikki V. Setting up some appointments to figure this out. I also have a meeting with a gym tomorrow with a pool and access to personal trainers. I'm still here, but my energy levels have hit rock bottom. Peace, love & butterflies. ♥