Energy vortex? Food coma?

I've been loooooowwww on spoons and I'm not sure if it is all of the activity I'm engaged in, or not enough Vitamin D or the heat & humidity--or maybe it's just a side-effect of lupus. Perhaps a combo of everything. Who knows? All I know is that I had plans for this afternoon, but since we will be with guests tonight, and I don't want to be the walking dead at my own party, I'm in bed now for a nap.

Thought maybe the shower would perk me and/or my feet up. Nope. Funny aside though--as green as my hair is, the water is still running BLUE. I love the green, but I already used the blue Viral coloring shampoo, because I miss the blue.

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10:30 and All's Well

I got my walk in early today because we are going out with friends tonight. A couple of things I noticed: fewer dogs out, more cats wandering and the bugs are not as bad! I'm historically a night owl, but truthfully, I just never wanted to sleep when I was younger because there was too much to do--stuff I had to do, but also stuff I loved to do and I was trying to fit it all in. Now I'm not a night owl nor a morning bird. I really enjoyed the morning walk though, and might have to get up earlier to beat some of the heat next time. (I didn't start my walk until nearly 9:30 so I was sweating buckets by the time I got back home.) Also, da feets are not defeated per se, but they are a little grumpy today. I started out feeling like I was walking through sludge on top of sharp rocks, but once I got my first wind, I was okay. One more awesome thing to note--as much as I love my treadmill, time goes by so much more quickly when I'm walking the neighborhood. Bonus is that the entire way home is a gentle downgrade, which makes the tail end of my walk go by even more like lightning.

Going out for Italian food with friends tonight to celebrate #52. We pick up Doc & Clara at 5:15. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone! I wanted to invite my cousin (Miranda)and her husband, too, but they'd be the odd couple out and Chris suffers from social anxiety, so I didn't want to put them on the spot. Maybe we'll catch up with them before school starts again for Lottie.

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I'm a Boot-Scootin' Boogie-ist

It's mah birthday, so I'll eat a doughnut if I want to, dance if I want would dance too, if it happened to you. (My apologies to Lesley Gore...and if you don't understand the reference, I posted the video below.)

I had my first country line dance class today. It was fun and as expected, filled with retirees. I was the youngest at 52-even younger than the instructor! My feet got tangled, but it made me feel good to see that others were struggling similarly and they were not fresh newbies like me, so I actually have a shot at "getting" this. They kept trying to talk me into being in the middle of the pack. My introversion shines at events like this--I'm happy to struggle in the back row! class I might feel comfortable in the middle so when we turn, I can see the other more experienced dancers and have a better idea on body and foot placement. I did not know any of the music they played, but I did recognize some steps and some I wasn't exactly familiar with but they were easier for me than for some of the other students, so I must have inherited some muscle memory from somewhere. Mostly though, I was just a little lost soul with green hair trying to keep up with all the silver haired lost souls who were just as lost as me! It was a blast and I don't know if I'll keep up with the class after this session, or if I'll dive headlong back into belly dance, but I did enjoy it very much.

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Oh, Good Gravy

We are now back to square one on retirement possibilities, and I don't know if this is still cold feet for hubs, or what. But, now I think Florida is off the table?!??! In some ways, I get this one. We'll both be on fixed incomes, so we would need to find side gigs to be able to travel like we like to travel, eat well, live in a comparable home in terms of the amount of maintenance & upkeep we would need to perform to match ours in Illinois (we have nothing fancy--it's a split-level ranch, about 3000 square feet. Honestly, it's much bigger than what we need, so we want to downsize, but even downsizing, with an older home, the price tags are more expensive in Florida.) Still, this is exasperating. So, we crunched some numbers tonight, and talked about other options (again) and we're back to eastern Tennessee, the Carolinas, Georgia, southern Colorado/Four Corners area, Texas--which we haven't explored at all yet...and Costa Rica, Panama & Belize are maybes again, as long as we live near a major medical center.

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Integrative Massage

Had my first session today. It was lovely. She worked primarily on my shoulders and feet, but we got around to a bit of neck, chest. legs, hips and low back, too. My next appointment is in about 4 weeks and I can haz homeworks. I'm great with these sorts of healthy assignments while I feel like crap. I fall off the wagon once I'm better for a while, so my goal is to keep going forward, even when I begin to feel better. I definitely worry about being able to maintain mobility as I age since my bones are already so twisted with disease, and this is something healthy I can do for myself. Best birthday present ever!

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Peacock Hair

I have about half of a spoon left, but I got my hair done today and it didn't go quite as planned, but the end result is spectacular! Apparently I still have too much pepper in my natural salt & pepper (being Cuban & Native American, my hair was basically black when I was younger) which I didn't realize. I thought I was more salt than that! lol So...I couldn't just get highlights and they told me I would need to bleach again. I mostly left my hair processes up to the stylist, who was adorable & had a cute page boy cut in lavender. Anyway, she said I would be charged for a full color anyway and asked if I wanted to go full vibrant colors and I told her I'd be her blank canvas and only asked that she stay mostly in the blue family and to leave enough length that I could put my hair in a pony tail. She went FULL ON COLOR! It's mostly a jade green with blue, yellow & purple and then she mixed some colors so I also have a bit of teal hanging out in there. Because of all the greens, I'm calling it peacock hair, but I've heard the term galaxy hair, too. Hubs possibly had the best name for it though--he told me it reminded him of those iridescent green beetles (scarabs?)! bahaha

Because so much extra time was needed today-- my stylist spent nearly her full workday with me--7 HOURS, I didn't have enough time for the facial. I got my brows waxed before I got to the hair, at least, but I'm going to be spoiled another day next week for the facial! 

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Busyness Catching Up To Me

After so much fun this week, I'm one tired puppy today, working on a migraine and feeling a bit off. I'm settling down for an afternoon nap because tomorrow & Saturday will also be busy, and also because we'd like to go to a live Latin jazz event tonight. I'm out of spoons, so need to replenish and recharge so I have enough oomph to get me through the next couple of days.

Da feets also do not appreciate all the busyness. Today is mostly an R&R day. Did some minimal chores this morning. It's supposed to storm, so the jazz event may get cancelled.

Yesterday I went to the fair again. Originally I wasn't going to because my feet were a lot worse yesterday, but I changed my mind at the last minute and went to the fairgrounds solo because hubs was already there to support Troy in the Peoria's Got Talent competition. (He did not make it to the final round.) That's why I went--to support Troy and also Jerry, who was at the magician's booth performing last night. I caught his last show (he & Troy were performing at the same time) and a bit of his first, after watching Troy. Both did a terrific job! Jerry made me a little dog out of Mardi Gras beads--same principle as balloon animals. It's adorable! Jerry & his wife are super sweet. They are in their 70s, both cancer survivors and Jerry is a retired pastor.

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Starry Nights & Serendipity

The Embrace Kitchen Dancing event wasn't quite what we expected (it wasn't promoted very well & the respective websites--venue & talent--had very little information, so I ended up calling them because I had no idea if there was a cover charge, etc. and couldn't determine it on 2 websites and 2 Facebook pages! Yeesh.) so we ended up not dancing, as we'd be the only couple out there with the professionals. Between us, hubs and I have 4 left feet! ha (Yes, I LOVE to dance, but I never took a dance lesson until I was nearly 40. Didn't discover belly dance until I was 45...) We did, however, talk to the instructors and we plan to take private lessons from them--probably beginning in September (our 23rd wedding anniversary--28 years of being together) or October because of all the travel we'll be doing until then.

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